Reminder: You Can Fail to Get Your Mattel SDCC Exclusive Toy Early

In less than an hour of me writing this (specifically, at 12:00 pm EST), Mattel’s collector site MattyCollector will be offering pre-sales on their SDCC exclusive toys, including the bewilderingly awesome Justice League Starro set, the amazing Plastic Man DCUC figure, the utterly-appalling-that-it’s-an-exclusive MOTUC Prince Adam and Orko two-pack, and more. I’d tell you to watch out, since what you’re buying is actually a voucher to pick up the toys at SDCC — to buy them without going to SDCC you’ll have to wait until August 2nd — but I’m guessing that MattyCollector’s site will yet again not be able to handle the demand, and less than 5% of you will actually manage to purchase the vouchers anyways.

Which makes this video of Mattel’s insane Starro set packaging all the more aggravating. Look at it — it’s beautiful. It’s so well posed. It has a voice chip which tells the characters biographies, and the voice is Kevin Conroy’s! Amazing! It breaks my heart that so few people are going to be able to get their hands on this thing. I wish to god Mattel was as interested in selling awesome toys as they were in making them.