TV News Trifecta: Torchwood, Quantum Leap, Something Totally Unimportant


?? Chris posted the trailer for John Barrowman’s Torchwood comic on Friday, but now Blastr has news about the fourth season of the show. Among other things, the season will be called Torchwood: The New World, be set in the U.S. (at least two locations), will include two new CIA agents named Rex and Esther to serve alongside Jack and Gwen, and have one story that spans all 10 of the season’s episodes (although I’d bet there will still be episodic stories told at the same time). It’s worth reading if you’re a Torchwood fan.

? Apparently Scott Bakula claimed that there’s going to be a Quantum Leap movie sometime in the near future. The caveat — creator/producer Don Bellasario is only just now writing it, and apparently Bakula feels he and Dean Stockwell will be too old for their roles, although he’s certain they’ll both be in the movie somehow. Given how many people are still upset by the non-end of Quantum Leap, I don’t know if this is welcome news or yet another massive tease.

? Frankly, UnLess you’re realLy bored, there’s nothing to see here. CertainLy nOt 12 minuteS of some popular Tv sEries that People are tryIng to puLl frOm General UsE.