X-Men: First Class’ Academic Performance Is Improving


?I’ve been giving the X-Men prequel First Class a hard time because… because… I’m a dick, mostly. Also because it currently contains several hundred name mutants with more yet to be announced, and I have no idea how they’re all going to fit in there and be a coherent movie. However, producer Bryan Singer — yes, the director of the first two good X-Men movies — revealed three new tidbits that make me genuinely, genuinely excited for the movie for the first time:

1) Kevin Bacon will be playing Sebastian Shaw, the leader of the Hellfire Club. Some of you knew this already, but it’s news to me.
2) The movie will be set in the early ’60s. Singer calls it “the first Silver Age movie,” which is enough to make certain bits of me tingly.
3) The outfits will be “more comic bookish,” which may mean tights.

Now, I’m sure some of you are terrified, and I don’t begrudge it of you. But I am genuinely excited by the idea of a Silver Age comic movie, complete with tights and insanity and weirdness. It’s something we haven’t had before, and something I’d very much like to see. Of course, it helps that I’m not so enamored of the first two X-Men flicks that I worry something different will affect my feelings about them, as with Porco Rosso. Also it helps that X-Men 3 was shitty enough that I’m more than willing to see something new as long as I don’t have to watch anything like that ever again. (Via FilmDrunk)