Bill and Ted Are Under the Impression There’s Going to Be a Third Bill & Ted Movie



Great. I hope it works out. But just because Keanu Reeves says he’s looking forward to playing Ted again, and Alex Winter says a script is being written with an idea he thinks is great, that’s still no indication that a third Bill & Ted movie is actually ever going to get made. Because in order to make a movie, you generally need a studio to pay for it, and studios are run by criminals, perverts and the criminally and perverted insane. A third Bill & Ted movie has to sound as good to them as it does Reeves and Winter, and studios hate both common sense and joy.

The irony is that Hollywood loves updating old movies and franchises, so you’d think — even by Hollywood’s skewed logic — that a third Bill & Ted movie would be right up their alley. But Hollywood only wants the old names, and so they can cast Zac Efron and Justin Bieber as Bill and Ted, with Queen Latifah in the George Carlin role. Look, I’ll be thrilled if Keanu and Alex’s version actually makes it to the big screen intact. But let’s not kid ourselves that at this point it’s even slightly likely. (Via First Showing)