Bubble, Bubble, Vagina and Trouble

This video has gotten around pretty much everywhere already, so I’m sure most of you have seen it. But if there’s a clip of some Japanese ninja movie which features a woman using a “ninja technique” to shoot “hell bubbles” out of her vagina — well, I have to run it on Topless Robot. That’s just the law. Hopefully these myriad punchlines will make it worthwhile for everyone who’s already experienced it.

? I guess you’d call that lady’s hoohah “squeaky-clean”
? So that’s where the Scrubbing Bubbles come from!
? Japan’s new hand sanitizing foam-dispenser was an instant sell-out
? “Come on, Toshiro! Wash your hands for dinner!”
? I’ve never seen such a well-illustrated metaphor for the collapse of Japan’s bubble economy
? “She almost made a…” (puts on sunglasses) “…clean getaway.”