Harry Potter and the Exceedingly Great Trailer (Part 1)

It’s another trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Parte the Firste), and I don’t have anything to say I haven’t said many times before — that the HP trailer makers are geniuses. I wish the Academy offered a statue for best trailer, just so someone could recognize their incredible work. Now, I’ve read the Harry Potter books and seen most of the films (4 or 5) and I know neither of them are ever that exciting, but every single Harry Potter movie trailer has looked supremely badass since about Prisoner of Azkaban. Plus, they manage to look awesome without giving away the whole damn story, which is a lost art in Hollywood — and the craziest thing is they don’t even need to, since everyone on the goddamn planet has read the goddamn books! So well done, Harry Potter trailer editors. I, for one, have noticed your supreme skill and high standards, and I thank you.