Mario Turned 25 Yesterday

Super Mario is 25 years old… well, 25 and a day. The first Super Mario Bros. game came out in Japan in 1985 on September 13th, and while I might not have mentioned it yesterday, by mentioning it late today I get to post this retrospective video Nintendo put out, in case you’d somehow forgotten all the Super Mario franchise games that have come out over the past two and a half decades.

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but one of my nerd shames is that I suck at every 2-D Mario game except 2. The 3-D games? No problem. Super Mario Bros. 2? I know every secret, can get every mushroom. Super Mario 1, 3 and World? I suck on toast. I’ve beaten SMB1 like once. So happy birthday, Mario. Thanks for reminding me I’m a shitty nerd. Again. Bastard. (Via ToysREvil)