The Avengers Assembly, Part 3

While I’ve been dicking around, Marvel has went ahead and post seven of those Avengers microsodes that got me so hot and bothered last week. I’ve already posted the first Iron Man and Hulk ones, so I was all prepared to post the Thor one today, where he meets Jane Foster and kicks the shit out of the Wrecking Crew. Then I kept watching the other microsodes… and I started thinking about posting another one of the Iron Man ones, not so much because he fights Hydra and SHIELD, but because the dude doing Tony Stark is just perfect (i.e., very Robert Downey Jr.). And then I watched this Hulk one, and…

…yeah. I know I’m an Avengers fanboy, and thus cannot possibly see this rationally. But I fucking stood up and cheered at the very end. So, so awesome.