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The Rock Is Going to Do a Voice on the New Transformers Cartoon


cliffjumper rock.jpg

?From ENewsI:

We learned earlier today
from the folks at The Hub that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be
lending his voice to the new “Transformers: Prime” animated series set
to debut next month on The Hub, a brand new joint venture network
between Hasbro and Discovery Communications. He will be voicing the Autobot known as Cliffjumper in the series.

So. Many. Questions.
? What the fuck?
? The Rock can’t get a better character than Cliffjumper?
? The Rock doesn’t have anything better to do than a voice on Transformers: Prime?
? Why is Hasbro spending money that could be used on… anything else on having The fucking Rock do a voice on Transformers: Prime?
? Seriously, what the fuck?