Transformers Prime Looks… Huh



With less than two weeks before the channel is officially set to debut, Hasbro finally updated its website for the Hub and the new Transformers cartoon Prime. Mainly, it’s a shit-ton of character designs; TF World has them all, but I wanted to show a few here on TR. You can see a bit of the Bayformers influence in Optimus’ robot mode above, but that doesn’t particularly bother me; what bothers me is that his vehicle mode appears to be cel-shaded, while his robot mode is normal, if a bit over-textured, CG. The discrepancy between the two freaks me out.



Here’s Arcee. She looks like a stunt double from the old ’90s anime Bubblegum Crisis, which probably drives a few of you insane, but doesn’t bother me either. Check out a few of the Decepticons after the jump.



Megatron is some ridiculous alien plane — following Bayformers’ decree that Megatron absolutely refuses to be a robot in disguise.



Soundwave is awesomely creepy-looking, and his stealth spy-plane form makes sense, too. Frankly, if I can’t have Soundwave as a boombox — and I can’t, because it’s 2000-fucking-10 — I am 100% down with this. So my only worry?

The kids.



Why does Hasbro insist on throwing in some goddamn rugrats in their Transformers cartoon? I say this, of course, as an old nerd bastard, but I know for a fact I would have felt the same way when I was an 8-year-old bastard. Robots are awesome; children aren’t. And it’s obvious that Hasbro isn’t even trying, since they’re following the generic male lead, spunky female co-lead, and nerd character triumvirate used in 90% of all cartoons ever. Every moment spent on these characters is a moment not spent on giant transforming robots, and for a show called Transformers, that shit is not cool. For all the rest of the character designs, make sure to head to TF World, and thanks to Sango for the tip.