Actual Batman 3 Casting News Causes Nerdernet to Explode



Deadline reports that Tom Hardy has been cast in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman movie. Hardy recently starred in Nolan’s Inception, so this isn’t the biggest surprise ever. Odds are he’ll be playing the film’s villain, and that villain will be the Riddler, but other than the fact he will be in the movie nothing has been announced or even slightly confirmed. Feel free to theorize away.

I’m sure this will get brought up in the comments, so let’s go ahead and compare this to the announcement that Rhys Ifans was cast in the Spidey reboot. First of all, I wasn’t complaining that Ifans was cast, or that the cast was mostly of unknowns; that doesn’t bother me a bit. It’s that it’s indicative of Sony not giving a shit about the movie, which implies that it will be terrible in many other important ways. In contrast, Nolan has an excellent track record with casting, and while Hardy might not be a marquee name, I think we can safely say this casting is likely very good news for Batman 3.