BREAKING: Bruce Campbell Still Unbelievably Awesome

I doubt this news comes as a surprise to anyone reading Topless Robot. But do you know what Bruce is doing now? He’s officiating a wedding this weekend at ZomBCon:



Seriously! He’s marrying two nerds together at a zombie-themed convention! Ted Raimi will be the fucking altar boy! I am beyond jealous, although the happy/impossibly lucky couple has my utmost congratulations. Also, Bruce will be officiating a mass vow renewal ceremony afterwards, so everybody can get in on the Ash-led matrimonial action; however, Geekscape — who got the exclusive announcement of this thing — reports that “[Bruce] might be reading from the Necronomicon so be warned… There might be Deadite shenanigans.” I’m going to take a wild guess and say the chance of Deadite shenanigans will be at about 98% during the renewal ceremony. If any of you cats are going to this thing, I demand pictures!