DVD Day: October 26th, 2010



? Back to the Future: 25th Anniversary Edition
It’s here, it’s finally here! I’m linking to the Blu-ray version, since I imagine 95% already have the DVDs.

? Star Wars: The Clone Wars Complete Season 2
I heard a lot of great things about Clone Wars season 2, so I began watching Season 3, and just wasn’t wowed. It wasn’t bad, it just didn’t captivate me. Has there been a decline or is Clone Wars just not for me?

? Alien Anthology
On Blu-ray. I would’ve thought that all the Alien movie had made it to Blu-ray already, but seeing how high this is ranked makes me think otherwise. Note that I do realize even the briefest Google search would solve this for me, and yet I still refuse to do it.

? The Venture Bros., Season 4.1
Dear Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick — the fact that the characters in the Venture Bros. grow and the status quo actually changes is one of the reasons the show is so very special. That said, please put Brock back with the Ventures and get rid of Sgt. Hatred as soon as possible. Sincerely, everybody.

? Trigun: The Complete Season Box Set
Surely a couple of you care that this is only $30.

? Dark Star: The Hyperdrive Edition
John Carpenter’s first real movie in a very nice edition. It contains both the original version and the longer theatrical version, as well as a bunch of new extras. Not bad.