Fan Fiction Friday: The Street Fighter and SNK Girls in “Toilet Sluts”


?I know I promised you a doozy of an FFF after last week’s pleasant ComicsNix installment, but I just couldn’t find one. My apologies. So I just decided to go the other way, and post another low-key FFF — I figured you guys could use a longer break, and I know I could. So this FFF, from author Ugly Streetlight, doesn’t even have any sex in it. Really! Would I ever lie to you?

“Are you sure about this Sakura?” The nervous blonde said timidly, pulling at her long blonde ringlets out of habit.

Karin” her enthusiastic friend said with a smile. “This is our chance
to meet all the best female fighters there are… and have a little fun as

“I don’t know…” Karin said, trying to shy away. Sakura
sighed and grabbed her friend by the wrist. Karin let out a yelp, as she
was pulled towards the door. “Sakura! Wait!” She tried pleading, but it
was too late.

Sakura burst into the woman’s locker room without a
word, dragging her reluctant friend behind her. Karin blushed deeply as
she was led in, still intensely nervous. Feeling the confused stares of
the women in the room, she turned her head away in shame. The female
combatants all slowly stopped dressing and took notice of the two
sluttily dressed girls, who both wore matching pink tops that barely
covered their nubile teenage breasts, as well as tight jean shorts cut
off all the way up to the crotch. Sakura made her way purposefully over
to the toilet stalls with her friend blushing behind. Karin took her
place first, kneeling on the dirty tile floor and still looking down in
shame as she let Sakura attach the long chain from her leather collar to
the latch on the stall door, effectively locking it. Sakura went next,
kneeling in front of the stall beside her friend, and securing herself
in the same fashion.

While the beautiful women in the locker room
looked on with bemused expressions, the two girls held their heads up
and opened their mouths, baring their tongues and pushing their chests
out so everyone could read the message on their matching tight pink
shirts. “Toilet Slut.”

Maybe I should clarify this week’s FFF isn’t so much of a “break” as it is a “bathroom break.”

I’m sure you all know who Sakura is, but I think Karin only showed up in Street Fighter Alpha 3. At any rate, she’s Sakura’s fellow high school student and rival, the Ken to Sakura’s Ryu. I’d hate for you not to understand who the characters are when the shit goes down. Metaphorically speaking.

It wasn’t long before the surprised women were gathering around the odd
sight. Karin wanted to sink away from their pointing and snickering, but
resigned herself to her fate. One of the women, a beautiful
short-haired blonde in a tight red top approached her. “What’s your name
honey?” She asked with a grin.

“K-Karin…” the girl whimpered shyly.

Karin, I just had a really exhausting fight, and I’m covered in sweat.
But I couldn’t help but notice your shirt.” Karin blushed, knowing what
the woman was getting at. “Before I take a shower, I really need to take
a major dump. You think you can help me with that?” A few of the women
around giggled at the brazen words, and Karin could only blush further.
However, she had trained with Sakura for this, and tried her best to
sound confident.

Ah, the questions only FFF can raise. Would people really be confused if Sakura and Karin weren’t wearing “Toilet Slut” shirts? They’re still kneeing in front of a bunch of bathroom stalls with their mouth opens. Second: “Training”? Really? What does that entail? Who teaches that? Is there an afterschool club? Are their dues? (Or just poos?)

“It would be an honor to eat your shit Ma’am” She forced out. The woman smirked at Karin.

girl,” the woman said, as she began to pull off her tight blue jeans.
“And you can call me Mary.” The smirking woman took her place in front
of Karin, her asshole positioned right above the girl’s mouth. Sakura’s
felt a bit jealous that Karin had been picked first, but couldn’t help
but feel herself getting aroused as she watched Mary’s round ass looming
right in Karin’s face. “Ooh” Blue Mary said with a sudden rubbing of
her stomach. “Here it comes!”

Did I say “metaphorically speaking”? Obviously, I meant when the shit goes down… literally.

Karin watched as the woman’s
asshole began to open, a thick brown turd beginning to force its way out
slowly. Karin sniffed the air, taking in the deep aroma of shit as the
heavy brown dung began to lower onto her tongue. She did as she had
practiced with Sakura, wrapping her mouth around the turd and taking
large bites as she made room in her mouth for the rest of the filth.
“Better eat fast girl! There’s plenty more where that came from!” the
feisty blonde yelled, gritting down and pushing out more of the thick
log with a grunt. Karin gulped and swallowed as fast as she could, using
her hands to make sure none of the shit fell. Blue Mary was in ecstasy,
delighted to have this filthy girl servicing her ass. “That’s it slut!
Eat my shit!” She cried, as she forced out more of the disgusting treat.
Karin was only happy to oblige, closing her eyes and enjoying the
filthy act.

I’m a bit confused as to the necessity of these girls being “sluts.” I mean, there’s not really any sex involved. Wouldn’t this be just as… well, enjoyable for the participants if they were dressed normally? What if their shirts said “Toilet Virgins”? What if they read “I’m saving my virginity for marriage but I’ll still eat your shit”?

“Whew!” Mary said, wiping sweat from her brow. “I
really had to go!” She turned to see the blushing girl, still forcing
down the last remnants of shit left in her mouth. Mary got down on her
knees, looking the blushing girl in the eye with a big smile. “Did you
like eating my shit?” Mary asked her, and Karin reluctantly nodded. Mary
smiled at the response, before leaning in and giving the nasty girl a
very deep filthy kiss. Karin’s eyes went wide with shock, but she
couldn’t help but submit to the kiss, feeling herself getting wetter.
Mary eventually broke the kiss, standing up and getting out a card,
which she tossed to Karin. “There’s my number slut, I’ll be waiting for
your call.”

Wait a second. First Karin is nervous about being a toilet slut, then she eats poop with relish, and now she seems degraded again. Her characterization is all over the place. UGLY STREETLIGHT, I THINK YOUR STORY ABOUT SHIT-EATING VIDEOGAME GIRLS LACKS CONSISTENCY.

Karin looked over at Sakura, still in almost shock,
but Sakura just smiled. “Way to go girl!” She whispered to her blonde
friend, “You did great.” Karin smiled weakly, still feeling a little
weak, only to turn back to find another woman standing in front of her,
who she recognized as the purple-haired beauty Rose.

“You didn’t
think you were done, did you?” The beautiful gypsy woman asked with a
cruel smile. Karin just gulped and again presented her tongue as Rose
hiked up her skirt and pulled down her panties, revealing her round
white ass and large brown asshole. It was going to be a long night.

Alas, no one wants to shit on Sakura — which I pray to Evil Flying Jesus is the first time anyone has written down that particular sentence. Also, “a long night”? Didn’t Sakura and Karin volunteer for this? Or is Toilet Slut an actual job? Do Toilet Sluts keep regular hours? Do they clock in? Do they get medical benefits, and if so, why? They’re eating people’s shit. Fuck ’em.

Sakura found herself underneath the strong muscular legs of Cammy. The
beautiful well-toned blonde laughed a bit as she held the bottom of her
leotard away from her hairy pussy and let loose a stream of urine all
over the blushing girl. Sakura bared her tongue, though Cammy did not
take very careful aim, soaking the poor girl in the salty. Sakura felt
both ashamed and aroused as she was abused by the girl with the long

Wait. Sakura is ashamed about eating Cammy’s poop? I don’t get it. She seemed very excited in the beginning. And she voluntarily chained herself to the bathroom stall. Hell, she even had shirts made up for the event. She clearly wants to be eating poop, and everyone pooping on her seems down with it too. UGLY STREETLIGHT, YOUR STORY ABOUT VIDEOGAME GIRLS EATING SHIT LACK VERISIMILITUDE.

As the torrent of piss slowly stopped Sakura looked up to see
Cammy smiling cruely. “Hmm, it seems I’m all out of piss–I guess it’s
time to empty my bowels as well” she said with a bemused expression,
turning around and unsnapping the bottom of the leotard, revealing her
firm muscular ass. “Ooh, I shouldn’t of ate all that food–” she said
regretfully, bending over and forcing her brown asshole directly into
Sakura’s face. The self-proclaimed toilet slut could only watch in
anticipation as a thick brown turd began to emerge from Cammy’s asshole.
“You’d better eat it all girlfriend!” Cammy yelled, “If you don’t I’ll
have no problem in forcing it down your throat!”

Ladies, obviously I can’t be certain, but back me up this: Times when it is inappropriate to call another girl “girlfriend” should include when you are pooping into her mouth. Right?

However, Sakura needed
no warning. She knew that a shit-eater like her didn’t deserve anything
better than to be n her knees servicing better more important women than
herself. As she hurriedly gulped down the large mouthfuls of shit, she
resolved to be the best toilet slave she could.

You know, I’m one of those guys that thinks about having kids, and worrying how they’ll turn out. Certainly, I worry about having a daughter and her being a stripper or something. Or I used to, because upon reading this story, I realize there are certainly worse alternatives.

Over an hour
later, both Karin and Sakura were growing exhausted. Both were
absolutely stuffed, their mouths and tongues brown with the filthy treat
they had both been privy too. Both of their pink t-shirts still proudly
proclaimed their status as Toilet Sluts, though now the shirts were
soaked with stale urine and with brown smuges of shit. However, the
queue of lovely female goddesses never seemed to cease. After each lady
was done dumping their load into the mouths of the two teenagers,
another would soon take her place before the girls, often with a cruel
grin as Karin and Sakura again bared their filthy mouths for another

I find it strange that every woman in this restroom is excited by the
opportunity to shit in a high school girl’s mouth. I know if I walked
into a bathroom and there was someone kneeling down wearing a shirt that
read “Toilet Slut” — female or male — I feel 100% confident I would not take advantage of
that unique opportunity.

It was just as Sakura was chewing away at another woman’s
smelly shit that she heard the locker room doors slam open. At once all
the women in the locker room turned.

“What in the hell is going
on here!?” Demanded the skimpily dressed Japanese woman. It was Mai
Shiranui, organizer of this all women’s tournament. Her large breasts
were barely covered by her thin red traditional dress, and she wore an
angry look on her face as she scanned the room. Next to her stood the
equally imposing Chun-Li, a gorgeous Chinese beauty in a long blue
dress, she also wore a cross expression as she looked around at the room
of fighters. It was then that they noticed the two girls tied to the
bathroom stalls, covered in shit. Sakura looked over at Karin, and the
two winced awaiting their fate. Mai stormed over to the stalls, furious
as she read their shirts. “What is this? Toilet Slut? What are you two
doing here?!”

“Why are you covered in brown smudges? HAS THERE BEEN A CHOCOLATE-EATING CONTEST IN THIS BATHROOM?!”

“I’m–we were…” Karin stammered.

“We… we were just…” Sakura was cut short by Mai’s tirade.

were just what? Huh? Eating shit? Is that it?”

I find Mai’s instant assessment that the two were eating shit to be, frankly, disturbing. If I walked onto that scene, and saw two girls covered in shit, I think my brain would have found a few other theories, however implausible, in a futile attempt to protect me from the truth. Although maybe Mai and Chun-Li have had trouble with Toilet Sluts before. “Damn it, Mai! There’s more Sluts eating shit in the women’s restroom! You get the Toilet Slut traps, I’ll call Orkin.” The story continues on the next page. The question is, why on Earth would you keep reading?


Karin looked scared, a
few tears forming in the corner of her eyes. Sakura just looked down at
the ground, ashamed. “This is a restricted locker room! You two thought
you could just walk in here and have your fun, well you’re in big
trouble now! And as for the rest of you!” Mai yelled, looking around at
the rest of the entrants. “For you to have allowed this to continue as
long as you did without telling me! Be assured, you’re lucky I’m not
disqualifying all of you!” The women all blushed and looked ashamed at
their actions. Mai sighed.

“Everybody out!” Chun-Li yelled, “The
tournament ended an hour ago, gather your stuff and leave!” The women
shuffled about, murmuring amongst themselves in defiance. “NOW!”
Screamed the furious Chinese woman, to which all of the ladies jumped
and began to scurry out of the locker room.

As the last woman exited, Chun-Li and Mai turned their attention to the two girls, who had remained silent up until now.

“Really, you two were being reckless. Bypassing security, sneaking into an entrants-only area, I hope you got what you wanted.”

“Yes, because we wanted to eat poop, and we ate a lot of it. Frankly, we consider this a total success.”

“We’re sorry ma’am” Sakura said, Karin just nodded. Mai sighed.

the two of you will have to be punished, that’s for sure.” Sakura and
Karin gulped, wondering what was in store. Mai just looked at Chun-Li,
who smiled knowingly. “I guess there’s no avoiding, you girls are going
to have to eat our shit.”

Well, that’s — Hey! These girls like eating shit! That’s not a punishment at all!”

“What?!” Sakura and Karin both said at once, shocked looked on their faces.

“That’s disgust— oh, right. We like doing that. Carry on.”

mean I’ve been judging this competition in the hot sun all day long,
without a single bathroom break. I’m just about ready to burst. I’m sure
you’re feeling the same, aren’t you Chun-Li?” Mai asked with a grin.

Jesus christ, did everyone in the Street Fighter tournament go to Golden Corral before they fought? Why is everyone so prepared to take a massive shit?

tell me about it. My panties are soaked from being wedged up my sweaty
ass all day. Not to mention all that food we ate earlier, I can’t wait
to finally take a dump.” Chun-Li grinned as she played out her part of
the charade.

“Well that settles it” Mai said with a smile. She
bent over in front of the pair, grinning as her large breasts hung in
front of them.

Note: Normally I like large breasts. Really, I do. A lot. But you know, you throw in a pair of big tits in the middle of a giant story about shit-eating, and I just can’t appreciate them. The breasts do nothing for me, when in most cases I probably would’ve found them quite pleasant. It’s like getting a kiss in the middle of a savage beating. The context is so overwhelming you just can’t appreciate the tiny good bit. Indeed, now when I see large breasts I’m going to probably think about this story, and that’s really, really upsetting to me..

“Girls, I hope you saved some room because it’s time for
you to find out what it really means to eat shit.” Sakura and Karin
blushed, but secretly they were both ecstatic. The two sexy Amazonian
females wasted no time in assuming their position in front of the two.
Mai leaned over Karin, brushing the timid girl’s blonde curls back.
“Mmm, I really have to shit honey. I hope you’re ready.”

She’s going to shit honey? Well, that will be a pleasant change of pace for the readers, although I suppose Karin will be disappointed it’s not regular feces.

Karin could
only nod as the sexy Japanese woman turned around, holding her bulging
stomach as she bent over and began to grunt, wasting no time in
administering the “punishment.” Karin opened her mouth wide and wrapped
it around the emerging turd, biting off a piece and chewing quickly
before swallowing the awful brown mess. Sakura watched with wide eyes,
only to realize that Chun-Li had approached and was now standing before
the bewildered teen. Sakura looked up at the Amazonian woman in awe.

“I’m a big fan of yours Ms. Chun-Li” Sakura said with a blush.

“Aw, that’s sweet. Tell you what, I’ll try and shit my signature on your face.”

Chun-Li smiled coyly. “Well,
let me give a present to my big fan” she said, turning around and
lifting her blue cheongsam to reveal her sexy brown stockinged ass.

The real line was actually worse than my line.

Sakura was in heaven as Chun-Li rested her panty-clad ass right on
Sakura’s nose, and without warning, let loose a huge fart. With her nose
buried in the Amazon’s ass, Sakura had no choice but to sniff in all of
the wafting stench. It smelled horrid, Chun-Li’s sweaty ass shoved
right in her face as the woman continued to force out her rancid rectal

I always wonder if these kind of stories are crackfics. The way I decide is if it goes on longer than 2000 words. If you write more than 2000 words about Street Fighter girls eating other Street Fighter girls’ poop, you’re clearly into it.

“Ooh, what a smell!” Mai remarked, as she watched her
Chinese friend literally drown Sakura in the terrible smelling gas.

I was about to call out Ugly Streetlight for his misuse of “literally,” then I remembered what I was reading and that it couldn’t matter less. Sigh.

pinched her nose teasingly as she continued to force out more shit into
Karin’s waiting mouth. “You always did have such a gas problem Chun-Li!”
Meanwhile, Sakura was getting dizzy from the stench, almost ready to
pass out from how strong it was. However, Chun-Li finally relented,
pulling her ass away from Sakura and facing the dazed girl.

toilet” Chun-Li started with a wicked grin, “I do hope you’re ready. I
warn you though, that my Chinese diet produces a very terrible smelling
shit. I can only imagine what it must taste like.”

Is this racist? I can’t even tell.

“I’m ready to
accept my punishment ma’am” Sakura said, trying to sound perky. In
reality though, she wasn’t sure how she was going to fare. Though eating
straight from the asshole of her idol was a dream, she was already
filled with the shit of countless other women. However, she could only
hope for the best as Chun-Li pulled down her brown stockings and
revealed her sexy tanned ass. She pulled her sweaty panties out of her
asscrack, which were stained brown in the seat from riding up her ass
all day. She teasingly slipped them down her legs before holding the
garment to Sakura’s nose.

“Smell good honey?” She asked with a
laugh as Sakura again caught a whiff of her heavenly odor. Chun-Li just
smiled, tossing the panties aside as she bent over, revealing her large
brown asshole. “Ugh, here it comes!” Chun-Li yelled with a grunt. Sure
enough, soon a huge almost-black turd was forcing out of her ass, and
Sakura’s eyes went wide seeing the size of it. The thick hard log was at
least two inches around, and yet as it kept coming it refused to break
off. “Well, what are you waiting for!” Chun-Li yelled harshly, and the
teen snapped out of her daze and immediately went to work wrapping her
mouth around the turd. Chun-Li’s shit tasted especially awful and
bitter, though Sakura felt this was to be expected from the refined
taste of her goddess.

Anyone need a kitten pic? ‘Cause I sure do.



Sakura’s cheeks were soon bulging to accommodate
the incredible load of shit that kept pouring out of Chun-Li’s ass and
refused to stop. She chewed and swallowed as quickly as she could, yet
every time she thought she was catching up, Chun-Li would grunt and more
of the stinky shit would come pouring out. Meanwhile, Karin was being
force fed the pieces of shit she had unfortunately dropped by the
scowling Mai.

“How dare you not eat all of my shit!” Mai yelled,
pretending to be angry. “Look at this perfect turd, you should be
grateful I even find you worthy enough to grant you the privilege of
eating my waste!”

“There are children starving in China who would love to have this shit to eat!”

“I’m sorry ma’am” Karin said, tears in her
eyes, as Mai interrupted her apology by shoving the remaining pile of
solid shit logs into her mouth one by one. Karin relished the taste of
the dung in her mouth, rolling it around on her tongue and chewing it
gently, before presenting her tongue to Mai to prove she had eaten all
of it. Sakura did the same with Chun-Li’s stinky shit, tasting the crude
treat as best she could inbetween her hurried bites. However, soon
Chun-Li began to slow her torrent of shit, something to which the very
full Sakura was glad of. Both Karin and Sakura did as was expected of
toilet sluts, licking Mai and Chun-Li’s dirty assholes clean. After
finishing their jobs as toilet paper, Sakura and Karin couldn’t help but
look over at one another, each blushing at what they had done. Chun-Li
and Mai stood before the two of them, both wearing pleased smiles.

very impressed by you girls” the buxom Japanese legend said to them
with a smile. “I have had the company of many girls claiming to be
toilet sluts before, but none of them performed as well as you two

“In fact, I’m going to write you each a letter of recommendation to Toilet Slut Community College.”

“Thank you ma’am” Karin and Sakura said in unison.

a reward, me and Mai have a little present for you two.” Sakura and
Karin looked puzzled as the two beautiful women revealed their surprise,
their heavily stained and worn panties. Mai and Chun-Li each took quick
whiffs of the soiled garments in question, and wrinkled their noses in

“Whew! What a stench!” Chun-Li exclaimed, “I hope you
girls like them.” The two quickly grabbed a nearby sharpie, autographing
the undergarments before giving them to the girls. Karin and Sakura
were ecstatic. To eat the shit of all their idols, and now have a
memento to take home with them. It was more than they could’ve asked

I hate to ask, given everything that’s gone down already, but why is there a sharpie in the bathroom?

“And if you’re ever interested, I could always use new
toilet slaves at my mansion” Mai remarked. “Call me sometime, okay
girls?” Sakura and Karin could only nod happily, to which the Japanese
woman smiled, before leaving the restroom with Chun-Li.

“What a day, huh Karin?” Sakura asked.

not over yet! Remember, your mom said I could sleep over!” The two
giggled, leaning forward for a true shitty kiss, passing the remaining
traces of shit between their mouths and mixing it together with their
lusty saliva. It had been quite a day for these two shit sisters, and
seemingly now, it would be quite a night.

toht face melting.jpg


The End of Part One

Well. I hope everyone enjoyed this little break; rest assured we’ll be right back to your regularly schedule interspecies rape stories next week. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to never go to the bathroom again.