Now There’s Going to Be a Wonder Woman TV Series, Apparently



From The Hollywood Reporter:

Warner Bros. Television is developing a modern-day reboot of the classic
DC comic book heroine and has lassoed an unlikely talent to potentially
write and produce the superhero project: David E. Kelley, the
showrunner behind legal dramas such as “Ally McBeal,” “Boston Legal” and
“The Practice.”


No, that’s it. “Huh” is all I got. While the odds of a Wonder Woman TV series seem better than a WW movie, they’re not significantly better; I don’t think there’s any reason to suspect this will actually happen. And as mentioned, Kelley is known for legal dramas with elements of comedy, so how he’d do with an action series is a total unknown. And even if does happen and Kelley turns out to be a whiz, how would Wonder Woman actually work on TV nowadays? We can’t even get comics nerds to agree what WW should be; why would mass TV audiences be any different?

Actually, I bet if this thing does get to a pilot, they do the new modern/jacket-wearing/street-fighter version that DC recently switched to, because that would work on TV a helluva lot easier than the original outfit or the Amazon stuff. In fact, I’m wondering if DC switched to this version specifically to help segue into a possible show or movie. Hmm. Food for thought.