TR Contest: Nerdiest Childhood Creation

Rob n' Dooku.jpg


Story time! I assume you were all once children. Probably nerdy children, with dreams of being comic book artists, videogame designers, robot designers, and more. I did all of these thing at various points, and I also thought I was going to be a comic strip artist (best not to ask, really. Although the above sketches of me hanging out with Christopher Lee while he kills Jedi I drew at the tender age of 25. Sorry it’s reversed, but I’d rather go out drinking than fix it right now).

So the contest is this: Tell me your awesomest nerdy childhood creation. I feel pretty damn confident most of you created characters and superheroes and such, or planned out brilliant videogames, or dreamed up books where you were a ninja, or assembled incredible machines out of Legos. Tell me these stories — well, one story each — and the awesomest childhood creation wins.

Since you only get one entry, they can be up to 250 words. NOT A WORD MORE. If have pictures of these childhood creations and are brave enough to show them to the entire class, email them to me; however, I will not give extra points for pics as to remain somewhat fair. The contest ends at 12:01 am on Monday, October the 18th. Got all that? Good. Have a great weekend! And by the way, any ideas of heroes with motorcycles will likely be docked points. I’m sure you understand.