Two Actual Things About the Third Batman Flick



Hero Complex scored an interview with Bat-movie director Chris Nolan, where he talked about a lot of things, but the only two things anybody really cares about are these Batman 3 tidbits:

? The movie will be titled The Dark Knight Rises
? The villain will not be the Riddler

Huh. Obviously, the title’s not that big a deal, but the OCD freak in me is thrown off by the use of The Dark Knight twice in a row, and not Batman. I feel like Nolan wants to make a Dark Knight trilogy, except he was forced to call the first one Batman Begins. And since he can’t retroactively change the title, I feel like he should name this one Batman Rises for symmetry’s sake if nothing else. However, I am quite insane.

As the the villain… huh. The movie has still cast Tom Hardy, and he’s still probably the villain, but who? The nerdernet rumor mill has been buzzing about Killer Cros for a while, but I can’t see Nolan going that route. Someone said Bane the other day, and I think that’s a bit more likely — or at least Bane is a villain that Nolan can more easily put his own spin on. I anxiously await your suggestions in the comments.