15 Minutes of Lust-Inducing, Behind-the-Scenes Action on the Tron: Legacy Set

Collider posted the above video of various things happening behind-the-scenes during the Tron: Legacy shoot. Here’s what they say is in it (I don’t think there are any spoilers here):

? Behind the scenes footage from the End of Line club
? Daft Punk in costume walking onto set? Michael Sheen getting ready to film his scenes in the End of Line club
? Joseph Kosinski directing the actors
? Jeff Bridges wearing the special helmet to record his scenes as Clu
? Tons of footage of the practical sets and the actors getting ready to film
? Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde performing a scene and getting ready for some stunts
? Jeff Bridges house in the Tron universe and what it was like behind the scenes
? Cast goofing around behind the scenes
? Filming on location in Vancouver
? Behind the scenes footage from Flynn’s Arcade

I wish I could confirm or deny this list, but honestly, I can only watch the video in about three-minute increments, every couple of hours or so. I’m sure you understand. Thanks to TheDarkKnight for the tip.

Also, there’s nothing going on for DVD Day except The Expendables and the complete Batman Beyond series set. Both good, but it’s not worth doing a whole DVD post for just two listings. You’ve been advised.