The Thor Trailer Thure Is Thomething

With no regard for the integrity of nerd bloggers who quit right at 5pm EST on Fridays, the live-action Thor movie trailer was released at oh, about 5:12 or so last Friday afternoon. It starts out pretty close to the SDCC footage from this past summer, but then is chock full of new stuff — Thor getting cast down to Earth, Thor giving a Frost Giant some free dentistry with Mjolnir, Destroyer destroying things, and Thor and Loki tussling. Frankly, the only thing that I can even say bad about the trailer is that it bugs me when Odin, warrior king of Norse gods, starts talking about how awesome peace is, but then I remember this is Marvel n’ Kirby’s magic alien Norse gods, not the regular Norse gods, and really, they can probably dig peace if they want. And frankly, that scene of Thor literally getting cast down to Earth is so awesome that I could probably excuse a lot if I needed to, but I really don’t. What do you guys think?