There’s Something Strange in Batman: Arkham City

Spike’s Video Game Awards aired this past Saturday, and while the awards themselves don’t matter much, they did have a pretty awesome set of new trailers, enough that I’m going to have to do two trifectas later to cover ’em all. However, the biggest trailer of the night deserves its own post, and that was, of course, this lengthy Batman: Arkham Asylum trailer, revealing at least one villain for the game, Hugo Strange (as well as why Batman is fighting Sam Fisher’s Splinter Cell team). Whether you think that lends credibility to the rumor that Strange is appearing in Batman 3, or think it’s more likely the game wouldn’t want to use the same non-A-list Bat-villain in up to you. I’m not sure what I think about that, but I do know I’m more excited for the game than the movie, so whatever.