Bif Bang Pow Travels Back in Time to Make Doctor Who Megos


?Somewhere, in an alternate timeline, one of the many licenses the Mego Corp. got back in the ’70s was Doctor Who. They made the Doctors, Daleks, Cybermen, Companions, and all the nerd children of Britain had a much happier, more fulfulling childhood. Of course in our timeline, Doctor Who got very little for Who toys until the show relaunched and Character Options/Underground Toys made them in the ’00s.

Which is why it’s pretty cool that Bif Bang Pow has announced the Doctor Who license for their retro, 8-inch, cloth-outfitted, Mego-style toylines. First up will be Tom Baker’s beloved scarf enthusiast Fourth Doctor, as well as three other Baker-era figures (I welcome your guesses in the comments), all to debut for sale at SDCC ’11.

If all goes well, BBP says they’ll make the modern Doctors, too. I imagine they’ll do well — I don’t know how a Mego Matt Smith would look like, but Mego and Tom Baker sounds like peanut butter and chocolate, man. (Via ToyFare)