The American Godzilla Remake Has a Director


?First the good news: Legendary Pictures has announced that Gareth Edwards, the guy who directed the low-budget but well-received alien monster flick Monsters, has been hired to direct the new American Godzilla movie. I haven’t seen Monsters yet, but given how excited everyone seems to be about this, I assume it’s pretty good. At least he’ll probably have some reverence for the source material, and not turn his Godzilla movie into a shitty Jurassic Park rip-off for the entire second act (or have a giant monster “hide” cunningly behind skyscrapers. God that movie fucking sucked).

Now the bad news, although it may be bad only to me — apparently someone’s making another American Godzilla movie. Am I the only who thinks this is a horrible idea? Godzilla is Japan’s thing, and we don’t need to co-opt it. They’ve been doing just fine with Godzilla movies on their own for more than 50 years. And the one time we did try it, we shat on their beloved icon and looked like assholes. So I don’t really care who directs it. I don’t want it. I don’t think anyone needs it. And even if it’s good, I think we’re going to look like assholes again. Am I alone on this? (Via First Showing)