The First Green Lantern Movie Figure: Triumph or Tragedy?


Toys “R” Us accidentally — or not-give-a-shittedly — revealed the first 3 3/4-inch Green Lantern movie figure from Mattel, and… well, your mileage may very. I’m guessing that all of you guys who think the movie looks like a steaming pile of CG shit will loathe the figure, and feel its proof of the movie’s crappy design, whereas I — who have zero level fanboyism for Green Lantern — kind of dig it.

If you’re an actual GL fan, I don’t begrudge you hating it; unless this is some kind of “Green Spectrum Power Special Edition Hal Jordan” figure — which it actually might be (it’s definitely a limited edition movie preview figure) — I can see the crazy screensaver happening on his chest causing you to vomit with rage. Meanwhile, I’m cautiously hoping that the CG will used to convey the whole alien-ness of the Green Lantern mythos and powers and Corps effectively, since in my opinion an intergalactic space cop should be wearing something that looks alien and not like human-made spandex. But again, I have the leisure of feeling that way because I’m not a fan; if they pulled this shit on He-Man I’d be as pissed as you are, I know it.

I tell you one thing that makes me vomit with rage (besides Tomar Re’s dead chicken eyes) — the fact that this 3 3/4-inch figure costs $25 fucking dollars. I don’t care what features it has or how limited it is — overcharging that much should get space cops called on your ass. (Via Poe Ghostal)