ToyFare Is Dead Too


?Despite earlier reports to the contrary, Wizard Entertainment has also shut down ToyFare magazine, effective immediately. I suppose I could have made this an update to the article below, but I feel like ToyFare deserves its own epitaph. Admittedly, if I went on another tirade, I’d just repeat a lot of what I said earlier, and honestly, I’m too sad to do that right now. But I will say this: Wizard may have been the reason for it all, and Anime Insider may have been my baby, but it was ToyFare I loved from the very beginning. I collected every single issue. It made me want to get into journalism. It was my dream job, and a goal I worked toward every day. And it was ToyFare that stayed so, so good, all these years, thanks to an amazing group of people. I will miss it more than I can say.

Incidentally, Wizard Entertainment has announced that they’ll be starting a “digital magazine” called Wizard World in February. Since the one thing Wizard has never figured out is how the internet works, I’m not holding my breath for a return to glory. But I would like to call out the gutless shitweasels in charge of the company who had the unmitigated hubris and bastardry to issue a press release today, heralding both the announcement of “Wizard World” and that Wizard is now being publicly traded without ever mentioning the cancellation of either magazine, or the god-knows-how-many people they laid off. Not only it is callous and classless, telling people they should invest money in their company ON THE SAME DAY THEY CANCELED THEIR TWO MOST VISIBLE PRODUCTS… well, that sums up Wizard Entertainment more than anything.