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My apologies for posting a second fan-edited Star Wars video (third if you want to count the Glee/lightsaber thing). In all honesty, this lengthy video of The Room‘s Tommy Wiseau dubbed over Darth Vader is not that well done. The editing is rough, the Room music is still part of the voiceover. But when the editor synches up that perfect bit of dialogue to the perfect scene… the 10% of perfection makes the other 90% so, so worth it.

All in all, I laughed so hard I cried. If you have no affection for Tommy Wiseau or The Room, do not bother with this video. Everyone who does, watch at least until Vader utters until his first wholly inappropriate Wiseau laugh. Those few of you who find it as blissfully amazing as I did, Part II is after the jump. Infinite thanks to The Very Model of a Modern Major General for the tip.