Johnny Cage Needs a Better Health Insurance Plan

If you’ve seen any of the clips of the new Mortal Kombat game I’ve run on TR, you’ve seen bits and pieces of the “X-ray Attack,” where certain attacks break bones, and the screen shows the characters’ bones shattering into a jillion pieces. Yes, it’s very silly, but it’s very appropriate for Mortal Kombat, so I would think MK fans would be excited; anyways, there’s this new video showcasing the attacks specifically. It kind of sums up everything that annoys me about Mortal Kombat — I can easily buy that one punch could break a rib or two, but to punch someone so hard both the front and back of their skull breaks? Yeah, that’s dumb. I know it sounds ridiculous to criticize the realism of Mortal Kombat, a game full of ninjas and lightning gods and demons, but if you’re going to go out of your way to make the game realistically violent, I’m of the opinion you should make the violence realistic. Hell, I don’t even know that these X-ray Attacks are finishing moves — I find it far too likely that Scorpion can still have half a lifebar and continue fighting even after his skull’s been shattered and his brain liquefies. Indeed, that sounds exactly  like Mortal Kombat to me. Thanks to Haz for the tip.