Scooby-Doo Meets the Teen Titans (And Then Gets Punched By a Ninja)

No, this isn’t some long-lost Hanna-Barbera/Superfriends crossover/spin-off from the ’70s. Instead, this is a divinely insane animated fan video found by Comics Alliance‘s Chris Sims, which has to be seen to be believed (and even then, you’re going to have some difficulty believing it). Sims details some of the video’s most insane aspects here — including my favorite, the fact that it’s called “Race for the Cure” when there’s no race, no cure, and nothing mentioned that could possibly even need a cure — but it’s the voice acting and sound effects that I’ll hear echoing in brain for the rest of the day, and when I close my eyes, it’ll be Scooby-Doo getting punched in the face by a ninja that I’ll see. Frankly, I am 100% okay with this.