The Green Lantern Movie Game Looks Both Green and Lantern-y

I was just minutes away from posting the extremely shitty teaser trailer for the Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon videogame — which contains no gameplay to speak of, just a few character models of Megatron and Shockwave and Bumblebee and the like — but luckily I was saved by the sudden release of this teaser for the Green Lantern movie game. It’ true that it shows no gameplay either, but it is a cinematic, meaning at least there’s some action and dialogue and a premise to speak of. That premise is that the Manhunters have come to Oa to get their asses kicked, which Hal Jordan (who sounds like he’s voiced by Reynolds to me, Kilowog and Sinestro are happy to help with. One thing I like about the trailer is that while Sinestro’s off creating heavy machine guns and shit, poor, unimaginative Hal is just blasting robots out of the sky. If Hal’s character can’t think up anything more creating than a giant green boxing glove, then this might end up being my favorite comic book game ever.