This Is Actually the X-Men: First Class Trailer (Updated)

First of all, all this bullshit about putting the trailer exclusively on the Facebook page and then Fox goes ahead and posts a YouTube version on Facebook anyways? Someone fucked up.

Second, the trailer — man, I don’t know. Nothing blew me away, but I wonder if I’m still feeling burned from X-Men 3 and Wolverine and knowing there’s not an iota of continuity between this flick and anything we’ve seen before. I’m also kind of weirded out by the suggestion that the X-Men solved the Cuban Missile Crisis. However, I’m digging the uniforms, MacAvoy and Fassbender seem great (especially Fassbender, but no surprise there) and with Matthew Vaughn directing, the movie should at least be comprehensible. Overall, I give the trailer a B. What do you guys think?

(Oh, that awesome a capella ’90s X-Men cartoon theme song and the original post are both after the jump.)

This is actually an excellent a capella version of the theme song from the ’90s X-Men cartoon, made by Adam Clinton and passed onto me by Topless Roboteer Kyle S. I’m running it because Fox adamantly refuses to release the X-Men: First Class trailer that I had intended on posting, and that Fox swore would premiere on this fucking Facebook page at 3pm EST/noon PST. It’s been over an hour, and the only thing Fox has done to acknowledge the problem is to take away the original note of 3pm (so now it merely says the trailer will be released PST — so… at some point in linear space-time, I guess).

I’ll try to keep my eye out and post the trailer when it finally arrives, but you never know when my internet will give out or when I’ll get too drunk to work a keyboard, so no promises. If you get bored, I highly suggest reading all 2000+ Facebook comments on the X-Men Movies page of people freaking the fuck out. I’m 99% certain they’re more interesting than the actual trailer will be.