Niko Bellic Is Either the Best Worst Driver Ever, or the Worst Best Driver (I Can’t Decide)

If you have 13 minutes, enjoy videos of car chases, and don’t mind semi-realistic depiction of countless people getting run over by a Dodge Charger or dying in massive vehicular explosions, you should probably watch this GTA IV machinema by L.J. Carantan, oddly named “Head Charger: Wide Open.” It may be the wildest car chase I’ve ever seen, and I’ve watched The Blues Brothers about a hundred times (not to knock the Blues Brothers at all, obviously, but including gunfire adds a lot of opportunities for awesomeness). You may spend the first 8 or so minutes thinking I’m an idiot, but watch until the end — I’m reasonably sure you’ll end up impressed. (Via Kotaku)