Fan Fiction Friday: My Little Ponies in “A Class in Stress Relief”



?So you guys like all those My Little Pony videos I’ve been posting, huh? Well, I’ll give you some My Little Ponies.

Cleaning up went rather quick as Dash bolted from wall to wall, stacking up the books as Twilight re-arranged them.
“You’re quite energetic today, Dash”
“Yeah, I’m excited about this new trick”
“So what IS the new trick?”
“Well, I swoop up here ya know, then *ROAR!* down here then loop a loop and swing up like so then spiral up like this and-“
“I get it” Twilight said and rolled her eyes, “It’s fast, it’s complicated”
She then fell into a heap on the floor and sighed.
“What’s the matter, Twilight?”
“*Ugh* Spike’s away to DAO so I have to clean up myself every five
minutes, reports are late and backing up and my study is suffering”
Twilight rolled over onto her back and groaned.
“Gee, sounds though”
“More stress than though”
“I wish I could help you” Dash said as she headed for the door.
Over Twilight Sparkle’s head a light bulb lit up. In the blink of an eye she was between Dash and the front door.
“You can. If you want to” Twilight said as she gazed into Dash’s eyes.

Twilight, for the record, is the purple one, and Rainbow Dash is the blue one with the rainbow hair. They’re both girls, or “fillies,” although that won’t strictly matter in a few minutes. Shall we?

“Really? How?” Dash felt compelled to ask.
“It takes a bit of magic but Spike and I do it all the time. Well, sometimes. When the stress gets too high”

And by “magic,” of course, Twilight means “rohypnol.”

“What exactly does that mean?” Dash curiously cocked an eyebrow.
“Well, a few years ago I had a phase when I turned into various mythical
creatures and I found one that was very interesting. It’s called a
“Human. What’s that? Sounds silly” Dash giggled.

“Humans are very strange creatures that sometimes write erotic stories featuring we My Little Ponies. They’re actually quite disturbing.”

“Well the story has it that once they ruled the entire world but they
destroyed themselves or something like that. But they made some pretty
neat things”

The hell? Is My Little Pony set in the real world after the nuclear apocalypse? Are talking, rainbow-colored ponies Earth’s new dominant lifeform? Are we doomed to create the Planet of the Ponies?! You maniacs! You blew it up!

“Like what?” Dash’s curiosity was peaked.

“Like the atom bomb. That why they’re no longer around, you know.”

Twilight smiled on the inside and said: “Well, you have to promise to help me and it stays between you and me”
“It will take more than ‘Sure’ Dash. This is a serious secret”
Rainbow Dash, being curious as she is, made a pretty big promise: “Okay, I promise and if I tell I hope my wings fall off”
Twilight accepted it as an acceptable promise.
“Great. Then it’s magic time”
Twilight stood in front of Dash and gently touched her with her horn as she said the incantation
The air began to tremble and Twilight Sparkle’s eyes lit up in white.
“Conjurum et Spiritus Sexi”

The Latin major inside is weeping big, bitter tears.

Her voice echoed and lights in green and blue, purple and lilac began to swirl around them both.
“Equus ferus caballus ut homo sapiens”
They where both encased in an orb by the swirling lights, lifting them upwards.
“Femine quod Femine Phallica”

If you’ve studied Latin or have any knowledge of Romance languages, you’re probably aware that things are about to get awkward. I mean, more awkward than just My Little Ponies fucking each other.

Rainbow Dash was beginning to have second thoughts by now but she stuck
with it as she felt as if her stomach was turned inside out.
“Transformus! Et Spiritus Sexi, TRANSFORMUS!”
A blinding flash followed. And it was over.
“Twilight?” Rainbow Dash called, “I feel kinda funny”
“I know. We’re not ponies anymore and since it’s your first time you are going to feel weird”

I have to think that this rates pretty high in the “Sentences you never want to hear when you’re just about to lose your virginity” category.

Dash sat up on the floor her vision was blurry.
“Careful now, Rainbow. You’re gonna need some getting used to” Twilight said as she knelt in front of her friend.
Rainbow Dash’s vision got stable again and she was silent as she looks
at her friend for a long moment. Twilight Sparkle had turned into a
beautiful young woman. Her hair was long and purple with a pink streak
reaching far down onto her back. Her skin was lilac and, well, she
looked like a human version of herself. Save the unicorn horn which was

So a beautiful green woman. Got it. No one tell Kirk.

“You look…” Dash began, “Beautiful”
Twilight blushed. “Thank you, Dash. You are quite stunning yourself”
Dash stood up on all fours.
“Well, this looks silly and awkward”
Twilight giggled. “No, silly. Humans stand up on their hind legs. Like this”
Twilight stood up.
“Oh” Dash said and tried to stand up herself.
“Careful now. Find your balance” Twilight encouraged.

Hey, are you two pony people going to fuck or what? We ain’t got all day.

Rainbow Dash was about to topple over when Twilight Sparkle caught her.
Her body heat started to have a strange effect on Dash who gently parted
with Twilight.
“I’m good” Dash said and slowly let go of Twilight, standing upright on her own.
She looked at her front hoofs and moved them around, flexing and grabbing.
“They are called ‘hands’ and your hind hoofs are called your ‘feet” Twilight informed her confused friend.
“This looks kinda weird and cool at the same time”
“I know”
Dash’s skin was light blue like her ponyself and her rainbow colours
hair was short. Dash looked down at her feet and flexed her toes. Then
she saw something unexpected.
“I’ve got a schlong! I’m a filly, not a colt!”

THERE WE GO. You know, My Little Hermaphroditic Pony-Person has it’s own little ring to it, don’t you think?

“Well, your both” Twilight blushed, “It is kinda what I want you to help me with so I gave you some extra equipment”

Hey, lady — free penis. Chill out.

“Well, you could have made it bigger. It’s kinda small”
“Actually, you’re big for a human. They are much more flexible than ponies so their schlongs doesn’t need to be so long”
“Okay…” Dash said then remembered something, “Wait… What do I need this for to help you? You want to MATE with me?”
“Not exactly. You see…” Twilight thought for a moment on how to word it,
“Humans where the masters of a thing unknown to most of the world
today. They called it ‘Recreational sex’ mating for enjoyment, not

“In the ancient tongue before the great wars, I believe they often called it ‘Friends with Benefits.'”

Rainbow Dash looked very sceptically at her friend and then she noticed
another difference. “What are those bulbs on your chest? I don’t have

Jesus, Rainbow Dash is so greedy. First she doesn’t want a penis at all, and then she wants a bigger penis, and now she wants tits, too. This is a pony that needs to learn a little something about sharing! After learning about fucking, of course.

“Well humans came in all shapes and sizes. Tall, short, wide, thin and
so on. These breasts are a thing exclusive to human fillies and mares
and vary in size from huge to virtually non-existent but fill the same
purpose. You have a pair too but yours are noticeably smaller. Your
ponyself also have breasts of a sort, but we call them teats”

Anyone detecting the hints of a personal issue behind the phrase “huge to virtually non-existent”?

“This is interesting and all but we’re not in heat either of us so how is this gonna work?”
Twilight slowly walked up to her friend, swaying her hips and looking at
her seductively. Dash backed away slowly till she was firmly pressed up
a wall.

Wait. Is there a reason they really need to be human for this? Couldn’t they have just made a My Little Double-Ended Dildo for the two of them and not gone to all this trouble?

“That’s what I like about humans” she said and whispered into Rainbows
ear, sending a shiver down her spine, “Humans mate all year round”

Some of them do. I don’t know how many of those people read Topless Robot, though, OH, SNAP

Dash suddenly found herself unable to speak. She nervously swallowed.
Twilight closely embraced her friend, looking deeply into Dash’s eyes
for a long endless moment. She leaned in closer and gently kissed her
soon-to-be lover. Dash trembled as Twilight dipped down and kissed her
neck, planting light kisses along the length of her arm from shoulder to
the back of her hand. Dash was breathing heavily now and had a
difficult time controlling herself.

It was at this point that Dash’s pony instincts kicked in, causing her to rear back and run, trampling Twilight in the process.

“Nervous?” Twilight whispered into Dash’s ear.
“Yeah” Dash said. Her cheeks where reddening.
“Well, you just leave it to me and I’ll make you feel really good. Just
tell me if it hurts, okay. The fist time can be a little overwhelming”

“Especially if your penis is straight-from-the-factory new. It even has that new penis smell!”

Dash only nodded. Twilight smiled and ran her hand through Dash’s short
hair, kissing her. She lowered herself and cast her breath on one of
Dash’s nipples, making them harden. She smiled and took one between her
lips and gently sucked on it, flicking her tongue over the nub. Dash let
out a wide-eyed gasp.

My Little Nipple Play

Twilight snickered and switched breast, gently rubbing and squeezing the
other. A gentle bite rewarded her with a buck and a gasp.
“Twi-light” Dash’s voice was unstable, “I feel strange”
“Don’t worry, sugar-cube. As long as it doesn’t hurt”
Twilight reached around Dash and gently scratched the outline of her
spine, sending shivers of pleasure in all directions. Suddenly something
warm bounced against her stomach. Twilight smiled and looked down,
seeing that Dash was beginning to harden. She stood up and kissed her
lover deeply.

My Little Pony: My First Erection Playset

“You liked that, Rainbow Dash?”
“I liked that very much” she panted for an answer.
“Good. Because this is really gonna make you squirm” Twilight grinned evilly.
Twilight slid down on her knees and took Dash’s member in her hands. She
stroked it up and down, working up a pace. Dash was panting heavily and
she had closed her eyes tight and leaned back her head.

My Little Handjob

grinned and continued to tease her friend. She scratched with her nails
under the sack making Dash buck her hips a little. The poor Pegasus
didn’t know what to do as she had never felt anything like this before.
She trampled in place with her feet and Twilight felt pity upon her
friend and lover and decided to finish her off now.

Um, did Twilight just scratch Dash’s balls? Erotically? Huh. That’s weird to you guys too, right? Not just me? I mean, I enjoy scratching my balls — a lot, as Ms. Robot will dejectedly tell you — but I prefer it to be more of a solitary activity.

You know, I don’t know why I ask you guys these questions. I never want to hear the answers.

“Dash” Twilight called.
Dash opened her eyes and looked down at her friend, locking eyes with
her. Without breaking eye contact, Twilight took Dash into her warm
moist mouth. Dash caved before the new overwhelming sensation and
rapidly bucked her hips as a tingling wave flowed through her nether

Looks like Twilight
/puts on sunglasses
Knows how to play the ponies.


“TWILIGHT!” She cried as she threw her head back and shot her hot load into Twilights mouth.
Twilight swallowed as much as she could with only some minor spill. Dash
sated for the moment lost her footing and slid to the floor, heavily
panting. Twilight wiped off the semen from her mouth and nuzzled up
against Dash.

She fell? Damn. Does this mean we have to shoot her now?

“Twi-” Dash’s voice broke, “That was…” She couldn’t complete the sentence.
“I know how you feel” Twilight giggled and smiled.
She kissed Dash deeply, giving the blue hued girl a taste of herself.

“Does all human semen normally taste like Lucky Charms, or just us cause we’re actually My Little Ponies?”

“Gimme a minute, please” Dash panted, “I need to process this”
“Well as long as you don’t forget about me”
“I could never do that. Not after this”
“Well, next it’s your turn”
“Hush. I’ll tell you what you have to do. But not everything” Twilight giggled and gave Dash a light kiss on her nose.

Jesus. I would hate for my first encounter with a vagina to be the girl just pointing and saying “Guess.” That’s not even close to fair.

A moment of silence followed. Dash began to calm down and become
clearheaded again. She looked down and Twilight laying curled up against
her, resting her head on her chest.
“So you and Spike do this from time to time huh?” Dash asked.
“Well…” Twilight gripped Dash a little harder, “No”
“I have just really wanted to try this. I have preformed the transformation a few times but always on my own. You’re my first.”

“Yes, you are the first pony I have transformed into human and given a penis and a blowjob. It’s quite the honor.”

Dash didn’t know what to say.
“I’m happy to be your first” She finally said.
“You really mean that?” Twilight sat up and looked Dash in the eyes.
Dash grabbed her chin and pulled her closer.
“After this, I wouldn’t lie to you”
They kissed. A long passionate kiss. When Dash broke it she had a
mischievous grin on her face. In a fell swoop, she stood up with
Twilight lying in her arms.

Looks like these two
/puts on sunglasses
Are going to sow some wild oats.

“AH! Careful” Twilight shouted and held on tight.
Dash almost toppled over but regained her balance pretty quickly. She
walked on unsteady legs up the stairs to Twilight’s bed and gently put
her down.
“Now it’s my turn to repay the favour” Dash said as she straddled Twilight and dipped down and kissed her neck.
Twilight giggled from the tickling kiss. Dash kissed her lips then sat
up. She observed Twilight breasts and gently grabbed a hold of them. In a
mirrored move she pressed her index fingers against the nipples and
slowly rotated them, gently squeezing the breasts that where a few sizes
bigger than her own. Twilight stretched out and almost purred in
pleasure. Dash leaned down and kissed each of the nipples several times,
giving each a short suck.
“That feels wonderful, Dash” Twilight moaned, Dash only smiled in return.
She slid down planting kisses from her breasts, over her stomach down to
her vulva. Twilight had become moist and her scent was beginning to
spread. Dash took a big lung full and her head began to cloud once
“You smell wonderful, Twilight”

“Like Skittles and vagina.”

“Thank you, Dash” Twilight blushed, “Now be careful. You see that white little nub where the lips meet?”
Dash looked closer, gently spreading her lips aside and spotted it.
“This one you mean?” She asked and gently poked Twilight clitoris.
Twilight yelped and Dash backed away.


“Yes that one. Be careful, it’s very sensitive”
“Got cha”
Rainbow Dash continued her exploration with renewed confidence. She
stuck out her tongue and gently traced Twilight’s nether lips. Twilight
moaned deeply and curled.
“More” She begged.

Looks like Dash
/puts on sunglasses
Is hungry enough to eat a horse.


Dash gave the whole thing a long lick sending shiver throughout
Twilight’s body. Dash thought for a moment then gently licked the little
nub again. Twilight bucked her hips and let off sounds of pleasure.
Then she began sucking on it, flicking her tongue around and over the
knot of pleasure nerves.
“AHH!” Twilight’s eyes shot open and she convulsed, “Stop! Too much! Too much, too much, too mu- AHHH!”
Dash was relentless. She let the nub go and started rubbing it in circles with her thumb.
“AH! No! No-no-no-no”

She should’ve told Dash
/puts on sunglasses
To hold her horses.

Then Twilight couldn’t hold it anymore. Like a cave-in she had her
orgasm, convulsing in a seizure drawn out by Dash’s licking and rubbing.
Finally Twilight crashed down on her back on the brink of fainting.
She hit Dash over the head with a pillow.
“You’re terrible!” she said a fake tone of hurt and hid her face in her hands.
“You liked it” Rainbow said grinningly and crept up to her lover, planting kissed over her hands.
Rainbow Dash removed Twilight’s hands and kissed her deeply. Twilight
pushed her lover over onto her back and sat up on her heels as she
grabbed her lover’s schlong. Gently massaging it, she got it rigid once
again. She arched down and took it in her mouth jerking it she let her
tongue play over the swollen head. Dash could only moan as she ran her
fingers through Twilight’s purple hair. Suddenly Twilight let the
schlong go with a deep intake of air.
“Now for the main course” She smiled and leaned back.


Rainbow Dash looked a little confused for a moment then got the hint.
She leaned over Twilight and kissed her one last time before she sat up
and began rubbing her schlong back and forth over Twilights moist
flower. Twilight couldn’t bare it anymore and grabbed Dash’s shoulders
and looked her straight in the eyes.

The fact that this is a My Little Pony fan fic that only uses the word “schlong” to describe a penis disturbs me to no end. Seriously.

Looking deep into Dash’s purple eyes she said “Mate with me, my beautiful she-stallion”


?Also this.

Hearing that sent Dash over the edge and she began pressing against Twilight’s flower.
“Oh great Equestria!” Twilight cried as Dash slid her member deep into her.


Dash quickly set rhythmic pace, sliding in and out.
“OH, yes. Twilight!” Dash cries when her lovers insides wrapped around her member as hot, moist velvet.
“Dash! Dash! Harder. Please! Harder!”
Rainbow Dash did her best to please her lover, increasing the pace. They
pressed their bodies together, feeling the heat coming for the other. A
passionate kiss with intertwined tongues melted together. Hot jets of
heavy breaths coated their chests and their faces adding to the
“Twilight!” Dash cried as she tried digging deeper with short rapid thrusts.
“Rainbow Dash! I love you!”
“I love you, Twilight!”
“I love you, Dash!”
Dash kept the pressure building in her loins at bay for a long time but
she couldn’t hold it for much longer. Twilight wrapped her legs around
Dash’s waist and her arms around her shoulders in an attempt to get
“Twilight! I can’t hold it!”
“A little longer! Just a little longer, Rainbow Dash!”

Shit, I already made a “hold your horses joke.” Dammit!

Rainbow Dash mustered all her strength to keep on going but her dams where quickly cracking and crumbling.
“TWILIGHT!” She cried in a strained voice, pressing her teeth together.
Dash had sweat pouring off her as she opened her eyes and looked into
Twilight’s eyes as they both caved under the pressure. Dash forced her
eyes open as she felt the rush in her loins, causing her hips to buck,
trying to get deeper into Twilight as she launched stream after glowing
hot stream of seed into her womb. Twilight felt the hot seed injecting
into her and she screamed as the shook in an earthquake of an orgasm.
The firmly held their eyes locked in each other as orgasmic waves
rivalling storms and cyclones ripped through their frail bodies and
their souls finally merged in a fiery display of flashes and colours
that ended in the purest light of oblivion.


Spent and exhausted, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle awoke in each others arms. Sweaty and sticky but they didn’t care.
“That was…” Twilight began, “Sooo of the scale”
“Yeah” Dash agreed, “That beat flying by miles… Light-years”
Twilight’s last action before she fell asleep again was to kiss her new
love, lightly and gently. Rainbow Dash embraced Twilight in a spoon and
pulled the covers over them and closed her eyes.

Guess no one told them
/puts on sunglasses
They shouldn’t horse around.

Later that day, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rarity met Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash, back in their pony forms.
“Howdy, friends. I haven’t seen you all day” Applejack greeted.
“Rainbow Crash landed in more trouble I guess” Rarity jabbed.
“Yes and she paid for it” Twilight said with a smile.
“Yeah. I had to pay alright” Dash had a hard time keeping a straight face.

“Ha ha ha! Yes, I paid for it… IN FUCK DOLLARS.”

Rarity and Applejack looked at Rainbow for a moment.
“You look might less energetic now, Dash”
“You, umm, look a little tired… Maybe” Fluttershy interjected before hiding in her mane.
“Yeah I crashed into Twilight house and made a great big mess” Dash admitted.
“Oh, gosh. I hope you made her clean up after herself, Twilight” Rarity said in horror.
“I bed she did. Twilight can be a perty good slave driver when she wants to” Applejack winked in jest.
“I had to work alright” Dash said and nudged Twilight, “Twilight really wore me out”

“Ha ha ha! No, really, she gave me a magic dick and we fucked our tiny pony brains out. But then she really did make me clean up all the semen.”

Twilight and Rainbow giggled at each other from the confused looks from their friends.
“Well that better teach you not to make a mess” Twilight said and poked her friend with her horn.
“I won’t make any promises. I rather enjoyed it” Dash said and winked.
The End

Looks like these two
/puts on sunglasses
Learned you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.