Geek Apparel of the Week: Sesame Fighter IV and Argyle Invaders


Sesame Fighter.jpg

?? I would have pegged Bert for a lover, not a fighter. Yet this Sesame Street/Street Fighter mashup from graphic designer Faniseto still makes total sense. It’s today’s shirt over at Ript Apparel (available in men’s and women’s sizes for a mere $10), so act fast if you want to score one. Meanwhile, I wonder if Ryu has a rubber duckie…

Argyle Invaders.jpg

?? Even though summer is just around the corner, there are still enough cool nights in our immediate future that you can justify purchasing this cotton Space Invaders hoodie that manages to be nerdy and a bit highbrow at the same time. (Argyle = classy). Think Geek currently has this on sale for $29.99. Want a recipe for a good time? Buy one of these bad boys, then purchase this throw pillow and settle in for a long evening of classic gaming. Sounds like paradise to me.