The Mutant Problem Is Killing Your Monday Morning Productivity

io9 is reporting that the first three episodes of Madhouse’s X-Men anime have made their way online. To be honest, I’m quite enjoying the visual style and tone Madhouse is trying to build up here by juggling action, brooding and character moments. (Though I still do not give a single shit about Hisako Ichiki). As someone who tends to fall head over heels for superhero cartoons only to have them ripped away from me — I’m still smarting over The Tick and The Spectacular Spider-Man — I fully expect that this will fail miserably or be edited beyond comprehension once it comes Stateside. But for right now, I’m a bit giddy over this. Judging by the mixed reactions in the comments to previous posts discussing the show, your mileage may vary. So, check out an episode and sound off about what you think now. Yay or nay?