DVD Day: May 10th, 2011


?? Black Death
You know it’s a slow DVD Day when the top movie is some nonsense Sean Bean made while he was killing time waiting for Game of Thrones to start. Oh well.

? Doctor Who: Planet of the Spiders and Terror of the Autons
Two John Pertwee/Third Doctor serials — stories 74 and 55, respectively.

? Alien and Aliens
If you missed last year’s Alien Anthology Blu-ray set — or were unwilling to purchase Alien 3 or Alien Resurrection — they are now available by their lonesome on Blu-ray. Actually, Alien 3 and Resurrection are available singly today too, but I’m not going to even bother providing links.

? Equilibrium
Some sci-fi flick starring Christian Bale (and also Sean Bean, for what it’s worth). If you’re a fan, you should probably know that all the other fans hate this Blu-ray, as it’s in the wrong aspect ratio and a shitty transfer anyways.

? Almighty Thor
Asylum’s uzi-toting take on the god of thunder comes almost immediately to DVD. Starring a confused Kevin Nash and an almost certainly depressed Richard Grieco.