Han and Leia: Worst Couple in the Universe

It’s another Star Wars instructional video from the wonderful, funderful OneMinuteGalactica. Now, you should definitely watch it, it’s great, but honestly, I think we all know that Anakin and Padme are probably the worst couple in the Star Wars universe. I mean, Han and Leia just bitched at each other, while Anakin choked and tossed his extremely pregnant wife to the floor, thus… uh… breaking her heart and killing her. And it’s not like Padme’s blameless — she made out with him immediately after he confessed to killing an entire village of Tusken Raiders, including the children, which shouldn’t win her any “healthy relationship” awards. More heinously, she heard Anakin use that fucking “sand” line and not only continued to date him, but allowed him to knock her up after hearing it! That’s fucked up. Look, Sid and Nancy might not have ended well either, but at least Sid never talked about how much hated sand when romancing her.