The Two Sides of the Voltron Force

If the Star Wars force has a light side and a dark side, I’m inclined to think that the Voltron Force — the upcoming Voltron sequel premiering on Nickelodeon next month — has a light side and a dark side too. I mean, the lions and Voltron look great, but the characters look rough. The voice acting sounds good, but that “Let’s Voltron” song is an abomination against god and man. And now Topless Roboteer Steven has sent me more three tidbits that sound very promising, and one that makes me want to punch myself. This is all from the character bios at the Voltron Force page on

? From Voltron’s bio: “…Key to the mighty robot’s new abilities is the power to
reconfigure, allowing each lion to form the head, and arming Voltron
with the specific powers of that lion.” I am 100% for this. Yes, I know it’s not canon, but each “head” unlocks a different power? That sounds awesome. My inner 8-year-old is totally psyched. I guess this explains why Voltron was toting two guns in the trailer.

? From Allura’s bio: “As future Queen of Arus, Allura considers it her mission to train her
niece, Larmina, to pilot Blue Lion which makes up the right leg of
Voltron.” Okay, so Allura’s trying to quit so she can actually be queen? That’s pretty sensible, actually. And it gives at least one of the three new cadets a very solid, good reason for being there. I approve.

? From new cadet Vince’s bio: ” he will find that indeed he himself is the key to unlocking new powers
within Voltron. Vince is a descendent of the ancient people responsible
for the creation of Voltron.” Now, this also sounds awesome to me. More Voltron powers? Giving Voltron a more elaborate mythology? Giving yet another cadet a good reason for being there? Yes. Thank you. The only cadet who still seems worryingly generic is “Daniel,” the “leader” of the trio, but I’m holding out hope he’s like Sven’s son or something. If that happens, I will officially lose my shit.

? Alas, here’s the dark side. From Pidge’s bio: “All grown up, the super-genius of the Voltron Force and Green Lion pilot
will be studying, discovering, and researching the incredible new
powers and configurations of Voltron. In his spare time, the left arm of
Voltron likes to create techno-music as an anonymous galaxy-famous DJ!” I don’t know what to say about this, other than 🙁

As facepalm-inducing as DJ Pidge is, god help me, the good stuff I see and hear about Voltron Force is still outweighing the bad for me. But maybe that’s just because I’m a Voltron fan. I’m curious to know what you guys think, honestly. And again, thanks to Stephen for the tip.