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TR Contest Special! Hammer Time, Sponsored by Mighty Fine



?Got a special treat for you this week. In honor of the Norse god of thunder coming down to mortal movie theaters today, awesome apparel company Mighty Fine has offered to sponsor this weekend’s Topless Robot contest. Three winners will get their choice of one of Mighty Fine’s 13 different Thor shirts — you can check out the many possibilities here.

The contest theme is this: What would you do if you could wield Thor’s hammer Mjolnir for a day? Now, it can be used for more than just smashing or channeling lightning — this is the Marvel Thor, so remember, by swinging the hammer fast you can basically fly. By swinging the hammer really fast you can make mini-tornados and/or portals to other dimensions. Also, I’m pretty sure it can absorb energy, but you guys can look on Wikipedia if you want to see what else it can do.

I’m not looking for the most noble answers, just the three that entertain me the most. Bonus points will be given to people who yell out something in appropriate Thor-speak when using the hammer in their entries. Only one entry per person, and as usual, try not to make them too long. The Odinson doth get bored reading large walls of text, and so do I. The contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, May 9th. Have a good weekend, and mighty thanks to Mighty Fine for sponsoring the contest! Forsooth, everybody! Or something!