Final Fantasy VII: Advent Kitchen

Lessee… I’ve posted Harley Quinn’s horrible new Suicide Girls/Squad outfit, Michael Bay’s disgustingly fawning induction into the Transformers Hall of Fame, an Ewok sexual assault and an FFF that will certainly get found in the FBI’s next online sex offender search… I think it’s time I posted something that’s actually good and brings me joy.

And really, nothing in recent memory has made me happier than this incredible stop-motion Final Fantasy VII toy video from John Huang. It’s so goddamned impressive, even if you’re not a fawning FF7 fanboy like myself — there’s a ton of action, great special effects, and it’s a massive 7-and-a-half minutes long. And it takes place entirely in someone’s kitchen, which is kind of adorable! It’s so good I didn’t even mind how wrong the spells were, which, as a nerd, absolutely drove me insane — that’s how good it is. Infinite thanks to Variable Rush for the tip.