Geek Apparel of the Week: O’R’lyeh? and I Made the Eight


?? This shirt isn’t quite out yet; it’s based on a likewise upcoming comic called Tales of Kidthulhu. All I know is that it’s a pretty adorable design and motto for a terror beyond human imagining. You can pre-order the shirt here for $15, and they’ll ship in August.

made the eight.jpg

?? Would you like to proclaim you’ve fucked eight fictional woman from the seven kingdoms of Westeros (plus the place that King Robert calls “The Riverlands” which should already be part of the Seven Kingdoms, so maybe he means a wildling from north of The Wall or someone from over the sea or something)? Well, then you’d best get this hilariously crass and yet totally misogynistic Game of Thrones shirt offered officially by HBO. No shit! It’s $25 here, which seems like a lot, but would be far less than the cost of all the penicillin that anyone who actually “made the 8” would need to take.