Norton Anti-Virus Presents a Norton Anti-Virus Short About Captain America’s Shield, Which Is Kind of Like Norton Anti-Virus, If You Think About It

I was all set to run this little look at Captain America’s shield on its own terms; it’s not the greatest history lesson of anything, but it’s cool to hear about all the different shields they made for the live-action Cap film and what they were all used for. Plus, this vid has a few shots of the movie, I think, that we haven’t seen before, although none of them are particularly mind-blowing.

But now I’m running it purely because of how hilariously and clumsily the message that “THIS IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY NORTON ANTI-VIRUS” has been forced in. A message at the beginning? Fine. Putting a Norton logo in the corner for the entire vid? A little obnoxious, but reasonable. Placing a computer screen with the Norton logo on it behind the people as the speak? Obnoxious, but doable. But a shot of the product box — and nothing but the product box — every 30 seconds? That’s ridiculously awful. Now… doing all of that in one single video? That just screams of some executive with no clue of how marketing works making an order his subordinates can’t refuse. Hee hee! (Via Blastr)