The Michael Bay Creative Process at Work

I’m not going to say this any better than Vince at FilmDrunk already did, but I do feel it’s my duty to also present this behind-the-scenes video from Transformers 3: Turn Off the Moon regarding the film’s vaguely heralded wingsuit scene. As this video clearly explains, the reason this scene is in the movie — the only reason — is:

Because Michael Bay saw wingsuits on 60 Minutes and liked ’em.

So Bay decides he must have a wingsuit scene in Transformers 3. Does it work in the script? Can it be naturally inserted in? Does it work with the subject matter? Fuck off, Michael Bay thought it was cool, so it’s going in the movie and things like plot and subject matter and transitions and dialogue can get the fuck out of the way. Sigh.

The real tragedy is that if we could only get Michael Bay to watch a couple of episodes of Transformers, maybe he’d find something awesome in those that he’d want to put, you know, into his Transformers movie. Now seriously, go read FilmDrunk‘s article, because he used all the better jokes first.