You Have Got to Be @#$%ing Me


?From the Hollywood Reporter:

After tasting success of its first non-DreamWorks Animation-produced animated film Rango, Paramount is jumping into the medium again with New Kid.

The project is an adaptation of an online comic from Penny Arcade. The studio has picked up rights and tapped Book of Eli writer Gary Whitta to pen the script. Mary Parent and Cale Boyter are producing via their studio-based Disruption Entertainment.

The premise spins the feeling of being a new kid in school into an
intergalactic story when the kid happens to be the lone earthling in a
school chock full of aliens.

All right, that’s cool. I stopped reading Penny Arcade a while ago when they started focusing more on their sidestories and less on dumb gaming humor, but I don’t begrudge anyone who still enjoys ’em. Plus, they do great work in the nerd community with PAX and elsewhere with the wonderful Child’s Play, so they certainly deserve whatever success comes their way. I’m not sure how a Penny Arcade movie would really go, but they’ve had a few animated versions, I think, and they had their Hothead game, so I guess it’s not entirely without preced…
/reads closer

The project is an adaptation of an online comic

/checks out actual strip

A single strip? As in, a one page comic? A one-page web comic?

Thanks to tredlow for the tip.)