Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Proposal Pressure Kit


kyousei version 2From Japan Trends:

The Best Surprise,
a Japan based “proposal support” company, has come up with their own
product aimed at twisting the arm of a reluctant boyfriend into
marriage. The “Proposal Pressure Kit
inverts the traditional idea of men proposing to women and is taking a
new turn as women in Japan are becoming impatient of simply waiting and
decide to take the initiative themselves. …

The kit combines a clever range of marriage support goods including a
temporary engagement ring, a marriage promise form, and a cute piggy
bank that stores up to a hundred 500 yen coins (equivalent to US $5 each),
symbolizing the patience that the girlfriend has gone through and the
money being saved for their wedding. Aimed on making the reluctant
boyfriend more aware of the idea of marriage and bringing the proposal
to the front of his conscience, this set is delivered to his house and
is disguised as a special gift that he has “won” through a random prize
selection system.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Yeah, there’s nothing that ensures a bright, happy future together than tricking a man into marrying you. That always works out well, all the time, forever. Japanese women — has it dawned on you that if you have to buy a “Proposal Pressure Kit” to ensnare your man, he might not be marriage material? Or has it dawned on you that if you feel you need to buy a “Proposal Pressure Kit” to ensnare your man, you might not be marriage material? Seriously, these ladies would do better to hand these guys a note saying” I AM FUCKING CRAZY. MARRY ME BEFORE I STAB YOU IN YOUR SLEEP.” It might be slightly less effective than the “Proposal Pressure Kits” but at least it would be honest.