A Peek in Robin’s Arkham City Closet

red robin yum.jpg

?And speaking of things that have Mark Hamill doing an evil laugh, the alternate outfits for Robin in the Batman: Arkham City game have just been revealed. As you can see, that’s Red Robin on the left, followed by regular Arkham City Robin. and finally The Animated Series Robin. Now, TAS Robin looks even freakier to me than TAS Batman, and I promise even if he came free with the game I would never, ever use him and his malformed limbs and pupil-less eyes. And I’ve never much liked the Red Robin outfit; god help me, I actually prefer the DCnU Red Robin with the feathers, because I think it has more personality (although it could use about 50% less Jim Lee-ness). But I really like the Arkham City Robin, especially his hood. Maybe because it makes him look a bit like Ezio from Assassin’s Creed, and that he’s going to knife some thug in the throat — but it does raise his badass quotient, in my opinion. Thanks to Matthew V. for the tip.