Bane Is Slightly Less Intimidating Than I Anticipated


?Hmm. A slew of Dark Knight Rises set photos came out this weekend, showing the first full shots of Tom Hardy as Bane… standing around the set, waiting to be called for his scenes, in what looked to be the pleasant afternoon sun. What I’m saying is that Bane looks slightly less menacing just hanging around outside than I’m sure director Chris Nolan would prefer. Also, he kind of looks like Cobra Commander from the live-action G.I. Joe movie, which isn’t helping either. And speaking of Cobra Commander, there are some possible/probable spoilers from these pics that I’m putting after the jump. You’ve been warned.

? Bane is apparently ripping up a picture of Harvey Dent in this picture. Weird.
? There’s a Tumbler on set that isn’t black, but camo. Whether it’s Batman’s or somebody else’s remains to be seen.
? There’s another pic of Batman fighting Bane on some courthouse steps, but with Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Gotham City cop John Blake, too. Latino Review says they have a source who says Bane breaks Batman’s back early in the film and Gordon-Levitt’s character fulfills kind of an Azrael role — filling in for Bats while he mends, I guess — although Latino Review is hardly 100% accurate with these things. Still, I can see Nolan wanting to do something with Batman as an idea more than a person, and what happens when someone else does that role — by no means a certainty, but it’s also not out of the realm of possibility.