Full Frontal Catwoman (Updated)


?Update: So apparently this is fake, which no one told me before, but a million people told me afterwards. Thanks a lot, assholes.

More Catwoman pics have surfaced over the weekend, none more revealing than this full body shot. I’m posting it mostly because this shot makes me think her goggles have slightly pointed ends, which may be — maybe — supposed to be vaguely Catwoman-ish or something. It’s better than nothing, I suppose, but I’d still like some cat ears, because otherwise, it’s still just a lady in black leather bodysuit. Some of you complained that a more cat-like Catwoman outfit wouldn’t work in the “realistic” Nolan-verse, but I think in a city where a guy dresses up like a bat to beat up crooks, a thief could “realistically” decide to go with a cat motif. Oh well. Thanks to everyone who sent this tip in, and thanks to Weeb for the article title, which I shamelessly stole from him.