Jim Henson’s Final Movie Is a Comic Book



I’m sure there are some comics guys who have known about this for a little while, so my apologies to them. Everybody else: Archaia, makers of fine comics including the Fraggle Rock series, is making Jim Henson’s only unproduced screenplay into a comic. It’s called A Tale of Sand, is due out November 16th, and apparently is very akin to Henson’s short, non-puppet-y movies of the ’60s. Frankly, I’m in support of anything that brings more Jim Henson into the world in general, but the really cool thing is that Archaia has created a new font for the book based on Henson’s actual writing, so it will look like Henson himself lettered the comic. That’s pretty outstanding. For more info, head to LA Weekly, which also discusses more of Archaia’s future Henson comic fans. Most exciting to me? That in 2012 they’ll be making a Labyrinth comic about how Jareth became the Goblin King. That sounds so awesome I already had to change my pants (magic pants).