The Crow Remake Is Just Determined to Suck

If you recall, Bradley Cooper was in talks to star in the remake of The Crow. This was a terrible idea, and I guess Cooper finally realized this, as he just backed out of the project. So, would the filmmakers use this chance to reassess the project? Find an actor appropriate for the role? Of course not! They’re immediately back to former frontrunner Mark Wahlberg, a man who has never done a good job as a leading man (he can gebe excellent in supporting roles with the right director, but not as the hero of the countless bland action flicks he so often stars in). But sadly, that’s the good news. Because the other contender for the title role? Channing Fucking Tatum.


?You know, I’ve been trying to think of a worse actor for the role of The Crow besides Tatum, and I’m actually stumped. Owen Wilson? Mike Myers? 85-year-old Jerry Lewis? All would bring slightly more gravitas to the role than Channing Tatum. Any ideas from you guys? (Via Bloody Disgusting)