A 20-Minute Explanation of Why the Dark Knight Chase Scene Sucks, Even If You Liked It

I really like The Dark Knight, but I also love critical film analysis. So, while I haven’t watched the entirety of this video quite yet (hmm? What? Oh, I’m busy emailing Laura Shigihara at the moment, ha ha!) I very much enjoy its shot-by-shot breakdown of the film’s chase scene. I remember finding the scene kind of confusing in theaters, and then Batman basically suplexed the Joker’s truck, and I stopped caring. Although the guy is very nitpicky, I think it’s all pretty valid; I don’t think it ruins the movie or anything, but overall, it’s still very interesting, even just in terms of film-making.

You know what’s really interesting to me, though? This sort of incomprehensible nonsense is the kind of shit you’d expect Michael Bay to do, not Chris Nolan. And yet people notice when Michael Bay pulls like this, while few people catch Nolan doing it. I would say this is why having a decent plot and characterizations is so damned important. As always, we can forgive (or ignore) a lot of shitty film-making if we’re actually invested in the movie the characters. It’s when the plot makes no sense and the characters are boring and/or stupid that we start being able to see crap like this. (Via /Film)