Oh Hell, the Ender’s Game Movie Looks Like It Might Finally Be Happening


?For a long time, I didn’t want a movie made out of Ender’s Game because I didn’t think a film could truly capture the psychological drama and pathos of the book. Now I don’t want a movie made out of Ender’s Game because Orson Scott Card is a dangerous goddamned lunatic and I wish him all the non-success in the world. Alas, after languishing in Hollywood limbo for more than a decade, it appears the movie is actually getting made — there’s a casting call for Ender and the other boys of the Battle School out now.

I didn’t realize Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman of Transformers and Star Trek fame had recently boarded the picture, or else I would have realized the movie was really happening this time a lot earlier, and been dreading it appropriately months ago. Oh well. Here’s hoping the movie can capture the young-boys-showering-together-turned-naked-brawl scene with all of its totally non-homosexual overtones intact, just as Card intended. (Via /Film)